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The ”Freeride Skitest” is an annual event organized by the magazines Bergstolz Ski & Bike Magazin,, and Prime Skiing. With 30 companies ski brands participating, it is the biggest freeride ski test in the world. For seven years publishers have been welcoming industries to visit the Kaunertal Glacier, where they can test the latest equipment under differing conditions for three days. The test team consists of 70 people, including opinion makers and the staff of ski and publishing industries. The Freeride Skitest focuses on the skis’ properties and their individual evaluation: The test is neither about ranking nor comparing the skis, but rather about identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

The „Testers Choice Award“

The skis available at the Freeride Skitest are divided into different categories: Girls only, One for all, Deep Pow and Freetour.

Testers Choice AwardThe results of the Freeride Skitest are presented in the magazines Bergstolz Ski & Bike Magazin,, and Prime Skiing. The contributions don’t include any ski competitions or an election of the best ski. However, skis convincing all testers, standing out from the entire equipment, considered the ‘hot shit’ of the test, receives the “Testers Choice Award”.


Deep Pow
Faction - Candide 5.0

Faction – Candide 5.0

The amazingly lightweighted Candide 5.0 was built for “those” big days. The deeper the pow, the more fun you have with this ski. With the Faction you can ride like Candide Thovex: Creative with full speed.

"Send it like Candide, with the Faction you see the backcountry with new eyes."

Deep Pow
Voelkl - ReVolt

Völkl – ReVolt 121

Despite its dimensions a very agile ski. The ReVolt wants to play in the backcountry with massive powder. The harmonic flex gives security for heavy drops and smooth lines.

"The Revolt brings you a bit closer to Markus Eder's style“

One for all
Black Crows - Deamon

Black Crows – Daemon

Strong and elegant. If you let him go the Daemon brings a smile to the face of strong riders. If you give him spurs, you will be rewarded with a carefree package!

"An ALL-rounder, there's no better way to define the Daemon."

One for all
K2 - Mindbender

K2 Mindbender 99

With the Mindbender, K2 has expanded its product range enormously. No matter in which terrain, with the K2 Mindbender you can let itgo. A true Allrounder.

"A fun ski and perfect Allrounder for all conditions. Brings joy to everyone, from beginners to professionals".

Girls only
Salomon - Stella

Salomon Stella

Ambitious freeriders who do not only go outside on "deep days" will be rewarded with the versatility of the Salomon Stella. No matter at what speed, the Stella gives women the security they want in all kinds of conditions.

"The Stella is the perfect tool for all conditions."

SCOTT – Scrapper 95

SCOTT – Scrapper 95

The testers particularly appreciated the wide range of the Scrapper. He combines the best of two worlds: Slightly uphill and sporty down. A Freetourer like it is written in the books!

"Whether uphill or downhill, the Scrapper is wonderfully smooth-running paired with the necessary stability."

Armada – Tracer 108

Armada – Tracer 108

The Tracer 108 sets new standards in Freetouring. There are no limits on the number of vertical metres. As on the downhill, the Armada Tracer can be used uncompromisingly through any terrain.

"A freetouring ski that can easily compete with any ski in the One for All category."

“The large number of backcountry routes, the high level of difficulty as well as its snow-safe characteristic make the Kaunertal Glacier the ideal place to host this event. In terms of its organization, the test has been one of the best freeride events in the Alps for years.”
Christoph Kellner, marketing promotions coordinator of Fischer Sports GmbH (Germany)
“The days for sports industries to test the equipment is the perfect benchmark tool for us as a small independent ski brand to immediately get honest feedback from professionals. Each year the Kaunertal Glacier covers the whole range of conditions: from perfectly prepared slopes to powder snow to high-level and heavily tracked backcountry routes.”
Stefan Schmitt, sales manager of Faction Ski Germany and Austria